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Here are what artists have said about us and the help we have to offer:

I appreciate you So Much.  Your support and encouragement are making a difference in my son's and my conversations... thanks for being there and for your knowledge.  God's richest blessings, Theresa!
Ana Maria

I bought your CD at Jerry's last week and have listened to it twice traveling to my working studio is Huntsville. I cannot agree with you more on so many of the items you mentioned.

Thanks for all the work you have put into trying to keep artists in the black.

Johanna L.
Decatur, AL

I enjoyed last night's class so much! The most surprising thing about it was that I KNEW a lot of this stuff already. I've been associated with marketing for over 20 years, Yet none of those final synapses had snapped to make the right connections concerning my art.

D'oh! Lightbulb moments...

I bought your book on CD and look forward to taking a few future editions of the class (especially if, say, you were to pod-cast it or whatever they call it, which would allow me not to drive at night

 I am so glad I found you! I have always been a loner when it comes to my artwork and when the New Year dawned I made the decision to reach out....and my purchase of your CD turned out to be a life-changing decision!
I listened to the entire CD immediately when it came in the mail....It is the type of assistance I have been looking for....I crave constructive criticism! I listen to it almost daily now, as I am painting, and it has brought a new excitement to my art career. I have been doing shows but now will be much more successful with my new guestbook, my new level of professionalism, my elevated attitude and attention to my clothing choice, all evolving because of your sound advice.
Will you be doing a workshop at the Jerry's Artarama in West Hartford, CT anytime?

Thank you thank you thank you!


I do want to thank you again for encouraging me to get on my feet again, how to begin to do that, brainstorming helped me so much

......and I Thank You SO much for helping me, Theresa, when I really needed it .... I am finally finding a niche and able to support myself independely, very exciting, not 'rich' but smiling :)

Lisa B

I read the information about marketing and received some great information. I was extremely thrilled with your advice concerning an artist statement. I have two venues in Sept. in Cary and Raleigh, an exhibition at Duke Hospital in January, and I am trying to get in Wake Forest during April. Thanks for the tips and I will review the information occasionally to keep me on the right track.

Thank you,

So much of what I read about selling your artwork is similar to what Steve said in his post, but his explanation hits home in a way nothing else ever has. "You cannot price your art to sell." One sentence. Says more than all those books I’ve got piled up on the shelf. Because if an artist can’t price his work to sell, then he (or she) has to price it for what it’s worth, and only he can determine what that is. But if the artist doesn’t believe in himself, or his art, then its true value will never be known. Brilliant.

Thank you, Steve 

Carole R.

Again, I am overwhelmed with the generosity of information you were willing to share. I hope to one day be in a position to return the favor to another as you have done here today.

Thank you,

I've been listening to the CD's and printed out all the
Ebooks.  I have already learned a lot.  I have a ton
of ideas running through my head now.  You have both given me
hope which means the world to me.  There are so many negative
people against the idea of becoming a working artist I felt like I was
all alone.  It really helps to know your story.
Thank you again for the CD's and Ebooks,