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Welcome to the world of making a living with your art!

Art Career Experts is unlike any art marketing website you have visited!

ACE was founded by working artists, M Theresa Brown and Stephen Filarsky to help you and other artists eliminate the learning curve of learning to sell their art.

We are Artists helping Artists to Succeed!

How do we do that? What makes our information so unique? What are our credentials?
Perhaps our most important credential is that we actually live the life we promote!

Every one of our bills is paid entirely from the sales of our art products. We make a living with our art without art degrees, or support from working spouses, pension funds, tenure, marketing agents, social security checks, retirement funds, lottery wins, art galleries or rich relatives.:-)

Who else but a working artist knows the challenges you face? Who else but another experienced artist knows and has overcome those challenges? How do you create art and raise a family, pay bills, mortgages, health insurance, car payments and deal with the daily challenges that life presents?

If you have felt the call to be an artist, either full or part time, join us at Art Career Experts. We share our tips, methods, experiences and most of all, real life solutions, not theory! We know what works!

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